How to apply for Asch delegate

  • :angel: Each account in the Asch system can be registered as a delegate (which requires payment of 100XAS).
    After becoming a delegate, you can accept any vote by the holder of XAS coins.
    When the delegate votes rank in the top 101, we can get the right of accounting which means the right of producing blocks (equivalent to the miners in bitcoin) and get some reward. The process of producing blocks is called forging.
    The top 101 delegates forging blocks in chronological order, with blocks spaced for 10 seconds. When the shift delegate is unable to produce a block, it is postponed to the next 10 seconds and is continued by the next delegate.
    Only the top 101 delegates have the right to forging. If you have the intention of the competition, the first 101 delegate must participate in the construction of the Asch community.
    You can contact me aschwifi on Asch forum, slack or twitter and note me what you can do and what you want to do. The more detailed information the better it will be. I would help you to contact with official team or coummunity members.
    Taking me as an example, I participated in Asch community team in August 2017. I was leaded by tofuson, wait and Brother Gui. At the beginning, I just want to learn more about Asch project and I was enthusiastic about helping Asch community to promote (As I am an investor as well, lol). After few weeks hard work, Asch community group reward me 600 XAS and appreciate my jobs. They ask official team to vote for me and then I became a delegate.
    Most importantly, you need to contact with me or other community members like chuige, runner, Ling and feel free to ask us any questions you want. At least, I can record your work and apply for a reward for you, right?
    To become a delegate is not hard. Especially after the ban, we need more western guys to join in us because you guys know more about how to promote in western world than us. I would like to cooperate with you. Remember to contact with me~ that is all. Bye guys.

  • @asch888 Thx~

  • your english is very well

  • @曹志兵 slack and telegram

  • Banned

    There are too few channels of communication with foreign investors

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