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  • @Strauss Thank you for you contribution and ideas. ASCH have to constantly improve its marketsstrategy and this is a great effort of you to help!

  • @ajchen I've started learning and doing marketing out of interest about 5 years ago, then did PR as a freelancer for startups. I studied business informatics in college, so I understand the technical part as well :slight_smile: I am very thankful for your vote as a delegate, I will reinvest the rewards for forging in marketing of ASCH and will also post it here in the forum.

  • @strauss hey buddy , are you majored or work in marketing , this promotion plan is so professional and specific, i will recommend you in the qq group and vote you for delegate.
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  • @ajchen I am glad you like it! I will add further details to it soon.

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  • @guibotong I am glad you found the suggestions helpful! Please let me know what the community management thinks, I will then add more detail to the plan and will also help with the promotion of ASCH.

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    @strauss Thank you very much for your advice. I have referred your Suggestions to the community management, and they will carefully evaluate your Suggestions. I look forward to further cooperation and promotion of ASCH with you.

  • The article is very dry! It's great to read it carefully! I wish him a better and better life abroad!

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  • @aschwifi1 thanks for sharing it here on the forum.

    In the document I have separated the audience that ASCH may reach into three categories and collected ideas on how to reach them, make them aware of ASCH and hopefully have them invest in it. Of course these ideas can always be adjusted and extended, this document should just provide a structure of what may need to be done for ASCH to reach an even larger audience, but I think it is already on it's way to becoming an excellent platform with a great community behind it!

    Here is the content of the document:

    13 October 2017 - Peter Strauss -

    The audience of ASCH may be divided into three large groups:

    Audience 1: Developers
    Audience 2: Large Investors
    Audience 3: Small & Medium Investors

    The following reasons, prerequisites and steps are separated for each of the three audiences. Steps are put in order based on workflow and requirement but each can be repeated at any time.


    • Reason:
      Developers will reach out for guidance online, everything built on Asch platform
      will start own marketing, which brings many investors for Asch as well.

    • Steps:

    1. Create excellent english documentation such as for Ethereum
    2. Create simple as well as more advanced tutorials such as or . Developers will share their own tutorials on other sites, which creates organic outreach.
    3. Create specific channel for Asch developers, such as a Facebook "Asch (XAS) Developers" Group (or similar).
    4. Official developers of Asch should engage in these channels to boost activity.
    5. Technical documentation, tutorials, videos, reviews should be shared on technical websites such as Dzone, SlashDot, Stackexchange, SitePoint and so on.
    6. Create advanced technical Video Courses and share on Tuts+ ( ), Udemy, Lynda, Coursera, or even YouTube.
    7. Get large social influencers to review Asch.
    • Reach out to Node.js community
    • Target Cryptocurrency Developers on social media with paid ads


    • Reason:
      When large investors invest, it will lead to a quick rise of Asch price, which often makes headline on cryptocurrency news and blogs and then more investors join. The investments will also push up market cap and Asch will rank better on sites such as, where a lot of investors check coins on a daily basis. Ideally, Asch should make it into the top 50 coins to gain large visibility.

    • Prerequisites:

    1. Modern website with great content, good presentation of team, investors, goals, milestones and future plans, excellent white paper (in english as well).
    2. Active community
    3. Events and publications
    4. Other companies building on Asch platform
    5. Reviews of Asch on trusted sites (outreach)
    • Steps:
    1. Understand the criteria based on which large investors decide whether or not to invest in Asch. An excellent overviews can be found here: and here:
    2. Get in touch with investors, ask what they think about Asch. Based on the answer of the investor, adjust or add the missing pieces to fulfill the investors requirements (if it makes sense of course).
    3. Make large investors stay, but keep in mind they usually invest for profit.
    4. Publicise the events of larger investments or becoming partners with other companies, this will bring in more partners and investors.


    • Reason: Many people tend to invest smaller amounts into altcoins and reach out for guidance on social networks and other platforms on a daily basis to make good decisions. This creates
      a lot of buzz in an organic way for Asch.

    • Prerequisites:

    1. Modern website with great content, good presentation of team, investors, goals, milestones and future plans, excellent white paper (in english as well).
    2. Active community
    3. Events and publications
    4. Other companies building on Asch platform
    5. Reviews of Asch on trusted sites (outreach)
    • Steps:
    1. Engage on social media - select only a few channels and make them very active instead of having too many channels with not much activity.
    2. Have articles about Asch published on cryptocurrency sites such as CoinDesk, Cointelegraph, and Bitcoin News,, Bitcointalk, Coinspeaker, CryptoCoinNews and so on.
    3. Have articles about Asch published on investment sites such as BusinessInsider, Forbes, CNN, Fortune, Fast Company and so on.
    4. Get influencers to review Asch, share investment advice.
    5. Share events and publications and news.
    6. Make sure tutorials and documentation is understandable for everyone, even for someone who is not really into technology.
    7. Share achievements.
    8. Listen to the community, react positively to needs, problems or even negative feedback.

    About me:
    My name is Peter Strauss, I have started researching and investing into cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies about two years ago. Originally, me and a few friends started working on an IoT project for which a blockchain technology implementation was needed. Being involved in the IoT startup, I have great contact with many authors on well-known platforms and can help with getting outreach on these relevant platforms for Asch.

    As shared on the Asch forum, I have transferred more than 25 thousand XAS coins to my wallet and have registered as a delegate under the name “strauss” and if you accept my offer and vote for me as a delegate, I will reinvest 80% of the forged coins into PR and media outreach for Asch and will provide proof.

    For the technical requirements, I have a VPS running Linux which is located in North America with 8GB Memory and unmetered bandwidth.

    Kind regards,
    Peter Strauss

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