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    官方注册的推特@asch_io 将用来发布最新信息和动态!

    ASCH officially joined Twitter! Please follow and like! :thumbsup_tone1:
    The other account @Aschplatform is managed by our community, and @asch_io is our official account.
    We are going to have a bounty program :moneybag: for Twitter followers, don't miss out! :heart:


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  • ASCH Weekly Report (07 Jul–13 Jul)

    The most concerns of our community are ASCH V1.4 and new website, and we have received a lot of messages asking about the progress during the past few weeks. Our development team has been working hard on it and here are updates for this week. If you have further questions, feel free to discuss on our telegram and Reddit.

    ASCH new website:
    • The design, banner, and content of pages ‘Developers’, ‘Timeline’, ‘About Us’, ‘Join Us’ are revised.

    • Backstage: CMS articles, Partner, and Recruitment content sorting and character optimization are finished.

    • Testing is almost done, hopefully ready to launch next week.

    ASCH Version 1.4
    • Multiple testing in process on nodes and sidechains.

    • Function of smart contract interface parameters verification finished.

    • The issue found during the testing of nodes that CPU abnormal utilization rate was fixed.

    • The ASCH 1.4 client is decided use Jtest to run the contract automated testing. Framework construction will be finished next week.

    Mobile Wallet
    • Android for v1.4 submitted for testing.

    • Departments of Design, Development, Product and Testing had a meeting together and made decisions on the prototype of iOS Wallet.

    • iOS Wallet UI design get started.

    • Sectors of Account, Home, Transfer, Transaction history will be finished around the end of Aug.

    ASCH blockchain explorer
    • Project inception of ASCH new blockchain explorer get started with competition analysis and market data collection.

    Operation and Marketing

    1. “ChainClub Tour 2018”, co-sponsored by ASCH, is under their way to the next stops Shanghai and Nanjing this weekend. This tour covers 20 cities in China in 3 months. ChainClub is a blockchain study club founded in 2017 and made up of blockchain enthusiasts, experts and professors. ASCH team will join them this weekend to have a face to face communication with the community.

    2. On 13th July, ASCH, as the council member of ZhongGuanCun Blockchain Industry Association, was invited to China Blockchain Technology Innovation and Application Competition Start Ceremony. ZhongGuanCun Blockchain Industry Association is the first nonprofit unit legitimately registered in civil affairs bureau in blockchain industry in China. ASCH will strive to build the bridge between blockchain enterprises and the government.

    3. HyperPay and ASCH jointly held an Airdrop event. From 9th Jul to 15th Jul, the first 200 new register everyday (HKT) will get 0.5XAS and a lucky draw of 20 new registers will get 5 XAS. Download HyperPay now: https://www.hyperpay.tech/zh-cn/app_down

    4. ASCH officially joined ZhiDian Community. ZhiDian is a media community for blockchain investors to communicate and cooperate. It also provide prompt and high-quality blockchain news and information to the users. ZhiDian Website: www.caihong360.com

    5. “The Endless”,a game platform developed on ASCH Platform entered the stage of private beta. Website: http://www.endw.org/

    Based on the decentralized concept, players can have a greater decision-making power over the game development, also, by utilizing ASCH’s cross-chain technology, tokens can be used in different games.

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  • 阿希周报{中文}(2018.07.07-2018.07.13)



    • 阿希官网-开发者、时间轴、关于我们、加入我们等二级页面banner文案二次修改完成;

    • 官网后台-CMS文章列表排序、合作伙伴排序、招聘页面字符等优化完成;

    • 官网测试工作完成,预计下周部署上线。


    • Asch 1.4多节点压力测试进行中;
    • Asch 1.4侧链调整后的测试进行中;
    • Asch 1.4智能合约接口参数校验功能完成;
    • Asch 1.4多节点测试中发现的CPU使用率异常问题解决;
    • Asch 1.4客户端使用Jtest进行合约自动化测试框架搭建进行中。


    • Android兼容1.4版本提交测试;
    • iOS钱包产品会议-设计组、技术组、产品经理、测试组会议初步确定原型;
    • iOS新版产品UI设计同步进行中;
    • iOS新版开发:账户管理、首页、转账、交易记录等模块,大约在8月底可以完成,进行测试。


    • 区块浏览器讨论立项会议,下周开始竞品分析、市场数据调研。


    • 房金所应用上线技术支持。




    报名: https://www.wjx.top/jq/25994189.aspx








    官方账号:ASCH阿希链 官方主题:XAS




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  • 阿希链线下交流会(上海、南京),阿希女神与你不见不散!










    地点:(上海杨浦)政学路77号 Innospace+ 一楼


    13:00~18:00 正道区块链,清风全国行






    13:00~18:00 正道区块链,清风全国行



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  • ASCH Weekly Report (2018.06.30-2018.07.06)


    ASCH Official Website:

    • Content English translation is finished.

    • Development of frontend pages and CMS article management background are finished.

    • Beta stage started, and fixed several bugs.

    • Background data input: Reports, News, About ASCH, Recruitment, etc.

    ASCH V1.4

    • Database migration testing is finished.

    • Account lock logic is optimized.

    • Interface adapting is finished for PC version wallet.

    • Java SDK interface adapting for exchanges is finished.

    • User agreement is finished in different languages.

    • ASCH-js library transfer interface compatibility has been tested.

    • Nodes installation, configuration and testing are finishded.

    • DApp side-chain framework adjustment private beta started.

    Mobile Wallet

    • iOS wallet interaction designs of Transfer, Dicover and My Account are finished.

    • Development of iOS wallet database management module and user module business logic was finished.

    • The compatibility of V 1.4 and Android wallet functions of XAS transfer, UIA asset transfer, secondary password and lock position is finished.


    • Adjusted team evaluation and management .

    • The book <DApp Development Practice> has submitted to the publisher and started proofreading.

    Operation and Marketing:

    1. ‘Vast Galaxy Blockchain Game Ecosystem Strategic Upgrade’press conference was successfully held on 30th June. Daping Kuai, the SVP of ASCH was invited to the event, he sent his congratulations to GAEX.com and gave a speech about using the mature blockchain technology that ASCH has developed to give technical support, provide asset circulation service, and accelerate the development of games within the community. On the same day, GAEX.com, a cryptocurrency exchange that strategic invested by ASCH, launch announcement was posted in Nasdaq screen in Times Square New York.

    2. ASCH DApp competition and bounty program is under planning. Our goal is to reach out for outstanding developers and provide them the resources including fund, incubation, technical support, and marketing support, etc.

    3. Daping Kuai, the SVP of ASCH, attended several business meetings with well-known cryptocurrency exchanges and investment organizations in Korean and negotiated for potential cooperation. With a very positive negotiation result, Korea is considered to be on the list of our next step of expansion.

    4. ASCH officially joined BiShiJie news media and opened an ASCH page. Website:https://i.bishijie.com/home/XAS/

    5. Dubai Global Blockchain Conference, jointly sponsored by ASCH, press announcement and image ambassador selecting event were successfully held on 6th July.

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  • RE: 怎么都没人?现在什么情况,都跌成屎了。

    @硬石头 阿希官方现在是很珍惜手上的筹码,不轻易放筹码出去的,关于其他的,阿希官方都在一步一步努力。

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  • 阿希技术和运营路线图

    0_1531207795200_1.jpg 0_1531207804042_2.jpg

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  • RE: 怎么都没人?现在什么情况,都跌成屎了。

    @djqdjqdqj 阿希是价值币

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  • RE: 怎么都没人?现在什么情况,都跌成屎了。

    @祈祷 整体行情不好,现在还各大交易数被曝光丢币,只能等着行情好转。

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  • RE: 基于阿希dapp-无尽世界即将上线

    @noris 阿希近期会有dapp发展招募计划

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