• You're going to write your post once, and it's going to be read thousands of times. Please stop using acronyms without an explanation as to what they mean. It's very annoying to be reading along, and have STOP EVERYTHING to try to figure out what the acronym means. Only lazy writers exclude others by not helping them read what you've written. I am not the only one on Acronym Overload (AO). <-- that's the way we're supposed to do an acronym. Think about this: in today's world the ones that have the money are not young people for the most part. We are old. I'm 74. I come into your world and have no idea where to start because it's all "Greek to me." You want our money in the cryptic system, then cater to us at least to the extent that we can learn and know what you're talking about. God bless, and thank you. Don L. Wood / SkyRider

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