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    Asch is the first blockchain application development platform based on inter-chain technology, and public chain is one of its key conceptions. Recently, the alpha test of Asch PC wallet was finished, and the wallet will be online soon. Since public participation is one of the most valuable features of public chain, so we invite you to give a name for Asch PC wallet. You will get 500xas as reward if your propose is adopted.

    Activity rules:
    (1) Please submit the proposed name to Asch official twitter “Aschplatform” before Nov. 11th 2017, and explain what it means.
    (2) If there are same names, we will admit the one who submits at first.
    (3) After the deadline, top 10 most popular names will be submitted to the Asch officials, and finally the best one will be determined.
    The best name of Asch PC wallet will be released on Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, and Asch forum.

    Sword is for hero, and pink gifts for beauty. Start right now! Using your brains names Asch PC wallet.

    The rights of interpretation and updating rules about this activity shall be owned by Asch community

    Asch community

  • Elegro wallet works great. That is what I was looking for a long time. This is an easy way to manage your crypto currencies, change it to fiat and so on. Highly recommend.

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  • @lioncryptoboy
    I'm using this wallet too! Such a flexible app for Android, easy to use, keep and exchange crypto coins

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  • 最后起一个洋气点的名字 就像小蚂蚁改名NEO一样 一飞冲天

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