CCTime Airdrop Round 1 Protocol

  • As one of many Asch community members & 101 nodes, I spent some time on creating this protocol for non-Chinese speakers. I tested it out myself first, and confirmed by the team.

    Hope you find it helpful, and let me know if there's any problem.
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  • @sandylast
    I complete the binding process on the website probably around 4:30pm (China time)

    Sure will do, I will wait to see if today my address will be added and eventually send to you my addresses.

    Thank you

  • @eddietheboss What time did you bind? If it was mined at 5:10 pm China time, then your guess might be right as the system only updates once a day at 6pm China Time Zone UTC+8. Try to look it up again today after 6pm China time, and let me know if you can find any results. Otherwise, pm me your xas wallet address and btc address and I will see what I can do.

  • @sandylast
    Don't even think to be sorry, I really appreciate the help and answer when you have time.

    I am sure that I clicked the only once in the "participate in airdrop" button and I received the message that I was registered.

    The transaction just wont start from ledger (probably was a ledger problem), but at end I saw that one transaction went trough and it was mined at 5:10pm (China time)

    Then In the cctime website search bar I tried to search both, the XCT receiving address (basically my XAS wallet address), and the BTC address from where I send the 0.0001BTC, but for both I receive the message "暂时未查询到结果"

    Don't know what to think, maybe my transaction was made to close to the 6:00pm, and they didn't included it with the yesterday batch, in this case I should be able to see it today.... hopefully

  • @eddietheboss Hi there, sorry for the delayed response!

    Let me ask you this: did you happen to click the "participate in airdrop" green button on the bottom of the page multiple times? When use BTC to bind, it usually takes a little while for the page to load after you click "Participate in airdrop" green button. So i'm not sure if it's because you clicked multiple times.

    Also, what message did it show when you said transaction fail?

    Do me a favor: try to look up your XCT receiving address (not binding address) in the search bar to check the status of your binding, and see if it shows up.

  • @sandylast
    Hello Sandylast and really thank you for your guide.
    I am trying to register my BTC instead of XAS but something is wrong.
    I created the binding XCT address, then I input my XAS address in the box below and confirmed.
    Now I am trying to send 0.0001BTC (from my ledger) to the XCT binding address to participate, but the transaction fail every time.
    Am I doing it right? or I made a mistake?

  • @aschlarry Thanks for your kind words:-) Glad it helped!

  • Thanks for this post Ling, worked like a charm. You're a great asset to this community :thumbsup_tone3:

  • @nial Unfortunately not the ones on exchanges. You can only do it when you have tokens in your wallet. Just like contributions to ICO, you will send ETH from ether wallet for example, instead of from exchanges.

  • @freemanlv where did you click save? on the page? I didn't include the "save" option directly on the page in this protocol. You will just have to copy the binding address that was generated, and save it somewhere else. Then use the saved binding address to be your XAS recipient when you do your transfer in XAS wallet.

  • Does it work if our XAS are hold on Kucoin ?

  • what do I do if I lost my binding address?

    When I clicked save it gave me a new ''secret'' and address. My address given was my current XAS address.

    Then I sent 0.1 to ''secret''' address. ( facepalm)

  • @ascheurope Time is 18:00 on November 25, 2017, there is still enough time to participate.

  • Do we know when exactly will this snapshot take place? is it still time to participate with xas?Also I didnt find the numbers how many cct for asch wil be airdroped?
    thanks in advance for the answers

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