Marketing Strategists/Planners Needed By Asch Community!

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    In order to ensure an active, smooth and successful marketing strategy for Asch community, the official Asch team is recruiting experienced and dedicated marketing strategists/planners from the public!
    1.Experienced in brand marketing and online promotion planning activities;
    2.Experience in defining and establishing strategic approach and plan to achieve goals and objectives;
    3.Knowledge in blockchain and cryptocurrency is preferred;
    4.Individuals who have had leadership roles in the mentioned activities are preferred; 
    5.Experience in either domestic marketing or oversea marketing (preferred); knowledge of both domestic and oversea marketing would be ideal;
    6.Bilingual background (Mandarin and English) is preferred but not required;
    7.A considerate and collaborative attitude, resourcefulness and self-motivation;
    8.Most importantly - familiar and passionate about Asch projects, willing to dedicate time and efforts to help Asch community grow.

    Selected candidates will be considered to become core marketing team members, and will be rewarded generously based on the contributions on a regular basis, along with other marketing core team members.

    How to Apply:
    Comment below with your qualifications and contact info.

    Selection Process:
    Official team will thoroughly review all qualified applicants, and select 1-2 candidate(s) to become the core marketing team members, to lead the future marketing activities.

    Due Date:
    11:59pm, Nov. 20th, 2017, China Time Zone (UTC+8)

    Asch Community Marketing and Promotion Group.

  • Hello Asch Team,

    I have a background in marketing for google products, specifically google fiber. My team was part of the fiber launch product in austin, texas. Lead a team to establish a new ISP and set up sales goals and guidelines, tailored specific ad campaigns online for greater customer acquisition. I have a knowledge and great understanding of cryptocurrency, I currently am a full time trader. I am very passionate about asch and excited to see asch grow. I personally believe Asch is a hidden gem in the crypto world with so much potential.
    Please message me if interested.
    Thank you.

  • administrators

    @guibotong Thanks all fo you guys.We will contact with you one by one.Welcome!

  • Dear Asch Team,

    I am a blockchain evangelist. I am highly ambitious crypto enthusiast and I first heard about Bitcoin in 2013, though I really started getting deep into crypto in 2016. I built my own mining rig, and made a diverse crypto portfolio since then; currently I am doing my masters research in Blockchain Technology at Tokyo International University under the department of IR. I have completed my BEng Aerospace Engineering from Queen's University Belfast , UK.

    I am keen to be part of Asch team. In future my goal is to develop a crypto project which will aim to deal with aerospace industry. I currently live in Tokyo and I always attend the Bitcoin weekly Meetup in Tokyo, where people like Roger Ver regularly joins in and many other smart crypto enthusiasts individuals and investors also can be seen on regular basis. With my knowledge, experience, networking and skills, I would definitely do my best to promote Asch in Tokyo, and worldwide if I can be part of the Asch team.

    Please feel free to send me email at

    Thank you in advance for being so magnanimous.

    I look forward to hearing from you.

    Md Rakibur Rahman (Rakib)
    BEng Aerospace Engineer

  • This post is deleted!

  • I did online marketing for several startups as a freelancer, worked with mid-sized teams and have achieved great results in a relatively short amount of time.

    I am already active in the Asch community:

    I believe it would be a great opportunity to work together with the official Asch team and am looking forward to discussing further details.


  • Hello Asch Team,

    I am the founder of Chico Crypto is a cryptocurrency investing/news/media hub. My youtube channel, in a short 3 months, has become well known in the crypto space due to my marketing and branding techniques. I have gained 3.5k subscribers in 3 months, and am currently growing at 100 subscribers per day. I have an Masters of Business Administration with a focus in Project Management from an AACSB International accredited American college
    ( California State University-Chico). Only 15 percent of business schools in the world meet the standards for an AACSB accreditation!

    My cryptocurrency knowledge stems from experience. I started investing in Bitcoin in late 2013, while getting my MBA degree from Chico State University. I have studied the sources of crypto information, know where investors hang out on the internet, and understand what makes a successful crypto project: 1) A working product that has real world applications(i.e. solves a problem) 2) Good strategic partnerships within the team(developers, marketers, and management) and with others(other crypto projects and big business) and 3) growing community that would do anything for the project( I can show the team how we can get that!)

    I am very familiar with the ASCH project and have invested about 1.5 months ago. Unfortunately I don't speak Mandarin, but would love to learn...I love learning new things. My devotion would be to growing the community to what this project deserves. I hope to hear from the team soon. You can message me on here on email me at

    Best Regards,
    Tyler S.

  • Hi Asch Team,
    I am a founder of a digital media agency specializing in videography. I have experience strategizing and executing marketing campaigns with data driven results. We use Klipfolio as our main hub for all things data. I do no speak mandarin, but am fluent in english. I would be an asset to your team as I bring insight, experience and a proven track record for data driven marketing.

    Please contact me if interested.

  • Hi,

    I have been providing marketing service for fortune 1000 brands for the past 5 years. My primary focus is SEO (search engine optimization) and my services have generated my clients millions of dollars worth of revenue.

    I have extensive knowledge of social media promotion and SEO. I can apply and integrate these concepts to help Asch grow.

    Message me if interested.

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