Application Evolution: From Bitcoin to Asch

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    Although bitcoin was played for 13 years, it has also been a bitter loyalty to bitcoin. Participating in the love of the West Coast CO is something that happened in June, knowing that Ashi was later than September. A lot of projects in September refunded, and then was forced to shelves, but found that Ashi is the last batch of shelves, and a few days rose from 3 yuan to 5 yuan, 6 yuan, then I started to understand and buy Into Aceh's.
    Side chain is the most mainstream and most mature side chain technology. Ashe is a decentralized application platform based on sidechain technology.
    Had not been acquainted with Ashley before, he was fascinated by many blockchain projects. Such as telelogic, copyright distribution systems, authentication systems, decentralized exchanges, cross-link agreements, next-generation banking systems, etc. Every application has a place to attract others. Of course, these cross-chain side chains are not straightforward to understand, you need some technical skills. As non-professional technicians, we can only think and understand from other angles.

    Ashi's side chain technology is also the future

    The founder of Litecoin said that if bitcoin trading is a freeway, bitcoin is now often jammed, and Litecoin is wide, big and straight, with no cars. In addition to bitcoin, Ethereum ico hot also is the same problem, the delay in the transaction was not confirmed, so many people began to pay attention to EOS. But this is in line with the laws governing the development of things. Nothing is perfect at the outset and everything needs time to evolve. Evolution is about genetics. Plants and animals have very different genes. Neandertals and humans have different genes. In the end, evolutionary history has chosen humans and there are too many unknowns, so we have to have The ability to think independently, spend some attention to research, in order to understand the "gene" characteristics of the blockchain project.
    Bitcoin is a cash reserve, Ethereum is a smart contract, Achish is to centralize the application platform.

    Consensus mechanism

    Friedman was inspired by Rai Stones: The nature of money is not credit but a consensus. Monetary even without physical existence, as long as reached a consensus, even if can not see the rock coins in the depths of the sea can also continue to circulate to use.
    Let me talk about bitcoin, bitcoin consensus is the irreversibility of trading through mining loss energy, is the consensus of "proof of workload" by the participation of distributed networks. If you read Mr. Han Feng's "Blockchain Quantum Wealth Outlook" to better understand the theoretical basis of Bitcoin.
    Ashi's consensus mechanism. The Asch system uses a consensus mechanism based on DPOS and a system that uses principal election, but uses an optimized PBFT algorithm variant later in the algorithm. Reference white paper

    Trading speed

    Why do lots of blockchain applications behind work without proof of consensus? The root cause may be that it is impossible to beat bitcoin on the pow track, and bitcoin itself is still evolving. So only to smart contracts and other practical applications force, to solve the problem can not be solved by Bitcoin.
    Bitcoin is a highway, is the earliest highway, expansion and lightning network dispute, I feel it is to expand the good and also develop a similar private aviation.
    Litecoin is a wider highway, it is built in the suburbs, you can first test.
    Ashe is a very fast high-speed company, and at the same time can increase the highways (side chains) as needed, and finally can form a high-speed road network.
    Here to talk about IOTA, there IOTA tangle (Tangle) is based on directed acyclic graph (DAG), rather than a continuous chain architecture. Feel like a highway, while a lot of road configuration, if the traffic jam, you can change the car to go under the high-speed road to go forward.

    The source of credit

    Or simply to say. The core of digital currency is a set of high reliability, high consistency, high transparency; rules and strict discipline; fair, open and fair mathematical algorithms. Everyone believes in algorithms, but in essence, there is a bit of a difference. Bitcoins use miners to mine and consume energy, so that bit information can be fixed from uncertainty to certainty to ensure the reliability of the uplink data. Ashi is the use of 101 witnesses node, confirm the transaction confirmation.
    To the deeper level:
    Whether it is a system or a living body, it is all from disorder to order, which is opposite to entropy increase of the universe and entropy subtraction. Bitcoin systems rely on the miners input of pure energy to contribute to the system's entropy reduction. Ashi's DPOS, is based on 101 witnesses node system. Pow and Dpos ratio, is the ratio of energy, to see who is large, I have said that the energy of a person who has the path is equivalent to a lake, an accessible person, on behalf of the considerable energy of the sea stars. So we can not underestimate the Dpos consensus algorithm. That is to say, in the system of Ashi, it is very important to choose who is the witness node. This person must be a wise man and a man without altruism. Like bees, like ants, contribute to the Ashi community, regardless of personal gain or loss.
    In Aceh communities, I have voted for two votes and I hope they will make even greater contributions to the Ashi community.

    Ashi's application is also emerging mode

    Having seen KK's "uncontrolled" friends, we must know that we learn everything from nature. Our programs, our applications, and our systems are all inspired by nature and human beings and optimized. In nature, many phenomena are decentralized. The bee colony can not determine the flight direction of the wasp. Flying there is not the final word for the bee king. Naturally, each individual participates in a coordinated action and naturally emerges a direction. Here you have to learn the question of their collaboration model. Bitcoin's collaborative model serves as a payment instrument to reserve cash. Ashi's cooperation model is the main chain plus the side chain. Based on bitcoin, it's hard to do cross-link applications, and Ashi's sidechain setup is extremely simple. Asch system provides a command-line tool that can be used to easily create a basic sidechain system, so the application will emerge Faster, (EOS has this feature too).
    The centralized system's instructions are issued and executed from the top down, while the instructions to the central system are caused spontaneously from the bottom up. The decentralized system's development direction is mostly unpredictable. A lot of things that emerge out are never imagined, so the application of blockchain technology such as Ashi emerged in the future is a bit unpredictable, but Ashi is also the foundation chain, and the decentralized application it generates can Tried to trial and error, just like the evolution of life.

    Ashi's application is also emerging mode

    Decentralized organizations first appeared in The Starfish and Spiders, a book by the American writer Oei Brafman published in 2007, as follows: Spiders are examples of centrist (cellular) tissues, If the head is cut off (the entire organization), it will not survive.
    Artificial intelligence is productivity, blockchain is the relationship of production, and Ashley uses the blockchain sidechain technology to reorganize the relations of production.
    Due to the blockchain technology like Aceh, the Internet does not have to rely on BAT and other big companies. Data ownership is finally likely to return to what the Internet has just emerged and is completely distributed.
    As it becomes simpler to build a new chain of production relations, you will not have to be fixed in a single company and you can do it in the morning at home or in another company chain. You can jump free to run out of a variety of collaborative systems. Do your favorite collaborative production.
    Ashi-based community collaboration and distribution of benefits in the future will be more and more widespread. Such as CCTime based on Ashi's distribution of copyright applications and decentralized exchange-center gravity waves, all on the way. As long as we believe that there are more people who know Ashi and invest in future projects with Ashi, we will certainly not regret it and take hold of the XAS token, which is the main chain of Ach. We are the one who lives in the future.
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