Qingfeng Shan, founder of Asch, was invited to participate in Ecosystem construction seminar of blockchain ICO industry.

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    Qingfeng Shan, founder of Asch, was invited to participate in Ecosystem construction seminar of blockchain ICO industry.

    On 25th, July,2017, the Ecosystem construction seminar of blockchain ICO industry, which was co-orgainzed by Blockchain Finance Association, Guiyang Blockchain Innovation Research Institute and Zhongguancun Blockchain Industry Union Area, was held in Guiyang. The theme of this seminar was “Learning Spirit of the Central Committee Financial Work Conference and Constructing a Healthy and Orderly Ecological Environment for Innovation of ICO Industry”. We invited many experts, scholars and entrepreneurs in the blockchain industry from all over the country, more than 300 guests presented. Qingfeng Shan, the founder of Asch, attended as a distinguished guest and signed a shared contract on building the sandbox of blockchain ICO together in the meeting.

    Qingfeng Shan, the founder of Asch, (Right from the sixth) signed a shared contract on building the sandbox of blockchain ICO together.

    As a new way to raise funds, blockchain ICO breaks the boundaries between primary market and secondary market, and is easier to get funds for small and medium enterprises. During the first half year, domestic ICO raising fund was over 2.6 billion and the number of participants was over 100,000. On the other hand, due to the lack of supervisory policies and regulations, the current blockchain ICO was in a barbaric state of growth, chaos, information fraud by team members, lack of transparency in white paper, opaque trade link, dealers trumping and other issues. Yao, who is the director of central bank’s digital currency research institute had previously wrote an article to propose sandbox supervision method.

    ICO regulatory path presented by the seminar

    "The block chain ICO sandbox plan will soon be landed, which will be the first plan in China with supervisory and self-regulatory nature, known by the government, organized and implemented by private industry organizations," said Ye Qiang, Executive Director of the Guiyang Block Chain Innovation Research Institute. The plan will be launched with a co-built mechanism. Under the mechanism, “Blockchain ICO Sandbox Plan” will carry out ICO innovation pilot schemes and seek a mature solution in the ICO system construction, regulatory model, trust mechanism, investor education and other aspects.

    Evaluation Methods and System of ICO Program
    It is reported that Asch system has just completed 1.3 version, which has achieved the function of cross-chain transfer transaction . As the founder of Asch, who is the first cross-chain technology based on application development platform in China, Qingfeng Shan participated in and signed the Blockchain ICO Sandbox Plan, indicating that the whole Asch team supports the regulatory and supervisory of ICO market. Qingfeng Shan said “ICO Sandbox Plan is the national government approved blockchain, an important method to promote the development of block chain. And it is conducive to standardize market behavior and put an end to chaotic situation. As a technology application platform Asch joined the Sandbox Plan which is a support to the national government, and also lead Asch ecology a better direction of development.” At the same time Qingfeng Shan is also in the expert teem of Guiyang Blockchain Innovation Research Institute.

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