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  • To help china is based on the Asch chain with a user online publishing tasks and user online to receive tasks, user chat, browse news and other functions of light social, news, platform mobile applications. Help china through online matching rules to individual or group needs released to other individuals or groups, other individuals or groups to understand the needs through offline or online channels to complete the needs of users. In order to increase the interaction between people and solve the prevailing problem of human warmth in the real world, it is necessary to increase the friendly atmosphere of mutual help and help each other achieve the purpose of building a friendly and kind social environment.

    To help china now has the news ecology, social ecology, to help ecological three ecological environment.
    News Ecology mainly through the user registration to fill in user surveys for news maintenance, the news there will be a small amount of ads, users click on these ads will be token tokens, tokens will be the stock will participate in the company's year-end bonus.
    Social ecology and help ecological mainly through the "mission" of the bridge built. The average user posting tasks, certified users to accept this task, then these two users will create a simple social chain.
    For example, when you are in a rainy day, you do not have an umbrella, but you urgently need rain gear. There are no other people around you who want to help you. This is all you need to do to open a chant and create a mission: "I need an umbrella, Give me a hand! "
    To help chant will release this demand to your nearby certified users, certified users will be sent to your umbrella. You only have to pay a little bit of compensation.

    Help china based on Asch blockchain backbone technology;
    Have your own social contract and mission contract. The user can directly link to the chant block chain by using the help china application. All transaction information between the user and the user is written into the Asch main chain. When the user group is relatively large, the chanting moves the application to the Asch side chain ;
    All transactions to help china will be anonymized, even if the establishment of social ties, the identity of both users is still confidential.
    To help china will audit every user's identity, to ensure the high quality of user groups.
    To help china also set up a lot of public projects, each user can participate in public welfare projects, people involved in public welfare projects will be top push function, you can choose whether to participate in the push or whether to display real names

    To help china the core function is to match the task;
    Ordinary users will be about the task description is clear, to help china the system to choose the more accurate push users.
    To help china basic use of point-to-point algorithm, the algorithm's main logic is to first send the task of ordinary users to the task is to use to help chant and meet the needs of the close range of people.
    Because they are using to help chant more quickly to help chant tasks, close to faster completion of the task if the 30s user does not accept the task of certification
    Then help china will push this task to the next meet the requirements of certified users。

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