Help china speeches

  • To help china is to serve the global staff, connecting people real-time services, mutual help platform, the user help the chanting app to enter text or voice help requests and various help needs, through timely and accurate matching in a short period of time can receive near help The response of the person. To solve the work, life, entertainment and other issues. The entity business through to help chant the platform to allow rapid circulation of their goods, direct people on the point of service, reduce intermediate links. Skilled practitioners or business entities can help to help chant above the help of those around them, but also can help get a wealth of platform and income. Let more social idle human resources and merchandise to be effectively used to make fast-paced life more convenient and efficient.
    Current domestic demand for help the public status quo: 1, the information is not circulating 2, the election less 3, the price is high 4, the service is not timely 5, no guarantee
    Professionals practitioners and entities businesses: 1, less income 2, pressure 3, fewer channels 4, difficult circulation 5, high cost and other factors. Many hope to help Bai appear platform. To help chant the appearance of these changes will be to help china will carry the development of the blockchain and the rise of shared economy.

    To help china the business model:
    Help china platform and diversification, professionalism, skills certification, business authorization and other operating modes, for those seeking help and help build a mutual win-win platform. Let the help-seekers and helpers on the platform enjoy convenient, affordable, safe and happy mobile Internet consumption experience. Improve quality of life, reduce the cost of consumption, reduce waiting time, shorten the service distance, out of the traditional community business district model.
    To help china the goal:
    To help china at the end of 2018 will be completed 50,000 city brand operators, settled in 5000 high-quality brand business authorized stores, the world's 50 regional brand operating companies, reaching 2 billion sales. In 2019 to establish 600,000 brands authorized stores, covering most parts of the world.

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