User manual of Asch phone wallet!!

  • When you open Asch wallet at the first time, you will see two choices: creating account and importing account.
    Terms of service: click it and you can see the service content.
    1、creating account
    (1)Account name: it is like the nickname and is used for distinguishing accounts.
    (2)Password: you must input password (not secondary password)when using the wallet to conduct transfer or other operations. If you want to set the secondary password, you need to use web wallet to perform setting.
    (3)It will remind you to backup private key (12 words) when you create new account. Remember to copy and save the private key, and it can only be backuped one time.
    2、importing wallet
    Importing a wallet is similar to creating a wallet. You need to set nickname and password and also need to fill in the original account’s private key, consisting of 12 words.
    3、asset interface
    (1)It is the asset interface when you enter the wallet, displaying XAS, XCT, YLB and other assets. It supports the operations of viewing asset balance, transfer and receipt, viewing transaction record, changing the user name, deleting account and so on.
    (2)transfer or receipt.
    Method 1: click “+” at the top right corner to choose corresponding functions. Scanning the QR code for transfer supports choosing QR code from camera, which is easy and convenient. It will appear asset transfer interface after scanning successfully, and the information will be filled in automatically.
    Method 2: click the corresponding asset jump interface and then choose the function of receiving transfer.
    (3)Click the picture and username, and you can change name, backup account and delete account. Inputting the password is required when you backup account or delete account.
    3.1、 transfer interface operation
    (1) Clicking the scanning button at the top right corner supports scanning QR code to automatically fill in receiver address and receipt amount. And you can input these information by yourself.
    (2) Click on the asset location to switch transfer asset.
    (3)If you have set the secondary password, you need to fill in it.
    (4) Click “next” to input account password, and the transfer is finished.
    3.2、receiving interface
    Fill in the receipt amount and receipt asset and then send address or QR code to the payer.
    The function is in development, please look forward to it.
    (1)This interface includes the function of account management, setting, block details and about us.
    (2)Account management: you can switch between accounts, create new account and import account.
    (3)Setting: you can switch other languages, set the node URL (the address of this wallet link), and set the Pin code. If Pin code is open, it is needed to verify the PIN code when you open the wallet (open recommended), if not open, you can directly open the wallet.
    5.1 setting pin code interface
    If you have set pin code, it is recommended to verify the code when you open the wallet next time. Otherwise, you can directly open the wallet.

  • Elegro wallet works great. That is what I was looking for a long time. This is an easy way to manage your crypto currencies, change it to fiat and so on. Highly recommend.

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