Attention! Detailed Rules for Kimicoin(XKC) Airdrop

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    Introduction to Kimicoin: Kimicoin is abbreviated as XKC. XKC is the token of Hellokimi, a blockchain game project based on Asch. XKC can be used in all Hellokimi games and can also freely circulate on third-party exchanges. The total amount of XKC is constant one billion.

    The airdrop will give away 20 million tokens to XAS holders .
    Conditions of participation in airdrop (XAS holders only): Locking accounts or binding accounts, and the balance of the accounts should be not less than 500 XAS.
    1.The deadline of locking the wallet: Complete the lock before 12:00, February 04, 2018( UTC+8) and set the height to 5150000(over 2 months).
    Note: Support to re-lock the wallet before February 04, 2018( UTC+8).
    2.Binding accounts: Users can transfer a small amount of tokens to the specified ASCH wallet on Hellokimi website from 20:00, January 20, 2018( UTC+8). The balance of the binding accounts must be greater than or equal to 500XAS. The specific binding operation can refer to the first phase of the CCTIME airdrop binding process.

    Start time: 20:00, January 20, 2018( UTC+8)
    Final Snapshot Date: 12:00, February 04, 2018( UTC+8)
    Total volume: 20 million XKC
    The airdrop will be available on Hellokimi official website:

    Hellokimi Team

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