ASCH Weekly Report (2018.06.30-2018.07.06)

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    ASCH Official Website:

    • Content English translation is finished.

    • Development of frontend pages and CMS article management background are finished.

    • Beta stage started, and fixed several bugs.

    • Background data input: Reports, News, About ASCH, Recruitment, etc.

    ASCH V1.4

    • Database migration testing is finished.

    • Account lock logic is optimized.

    • Interface adapting is finished for PC version wallet.

    • Java SDK interface adapting for exchanges is finished.

    • User agreement is finished in different languages.

    • ASCH-js library transfer interface compatibility has been tested.

    • Nodes installation, configuration and testing are finishded.

    • DApp side-chain framework adjustment private beta started.

    Mobile Wallet

    • iOS wallet interaction designs of Transfer, Dicover and My Account are finished.

    • Development of iOS wallet database management module and user module business logic was finished.

    • The compatibility of V 1.4 and Android wallet functions of XAS transfer, UIA asset transfer, secondary password and lock position is finished.


    • Adjusted team evaluation and management .

    • The book <DApp Development Practice> has submitted to the publisher and started proofreading.

    Operation and Marketing:

    1. ‘Vast Galaxy Blockchain Game Ecosystem Strategic Upgrade’press conference was successfully held on 30th June. Daping Kuai, the SVP of ASCH was invited to the event, he sent his congratulations to and gave a speech about using the mature blockchain technology that ASCH has developed to give technical support, provide asset circulation service, and accelerate the development of games within the community. On the same day,, a cryptocurrency exchange that strategic invested by ASCH, launch announcement was posted in Nasdaq screen in Times Square New York.

    2. ASCH DApp competition and bounty program is under planning. Our goal is to reach out for outstanding developers and provide them the resources including fund, incubation, technical support, and marketing support, etc.

    3. Daping Kuai, the SVP of ASCH, attended several business meetings with well-known cryptocurrency exchanges and investment organizations in Korean and negotiated for potential cooperation. With a very positive negotiation result, Korea is considered to be on the list of our next step of expansion.

    4. ASCH officially joined BiShiJie news media and opened an ASCH page. Website:

    5. Dubai Global Blockchain Conference, jointly sponsored by ASCH, press announcement and image ambassador selecting event were successfully held on 6th July.

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