[Translate/Proofread] From Chinese to English (Other languages are also welcome!)

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    :large_orange_diamond: Fill out the Translator Application Form if you are new to ASCH contributor community. We will review your application and contact you if you are qualified.

    :large_orange_diamond: Common Rule: Please hand in your work ON TIME!!

    :large_blue_diamond: Tasks:

    :small_blue_diamond: #Tran01: Translate weekly report for 21-27 Jul
    Deadline: 13:00 pm, 28th Jul.
    Reward: 100 XAS

    :small_blue_diamond: #Tran02: Add subtitle for Youtube video
    Deadline: 25th Jul.
    Reward: 200 XAS

    :small_blue_diamond: #Tran03: Translate website Content
    Deadline: 25th Jul.
    Reward: 300 XAS

    :small_blue_diamond: #Tran04: Translate VP Kuai Daping's Speech
    Deadline: Aug.
    Reward: 300 XAS

    • Translate the VP Kuai Daping's speech on OKEx conference
    • Approx. words: 3000
    • Approx. time: 3 hour

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