Join the celebration of ASCH mainnet 2nd anniversary!

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    ASCH launched its mainnet two years ago on 16th Aug. 2016, and it became the most memorable date for ASCH team and community. Next week, we are going to celebrate the two years anniversary with our core community by throwing a party in Beijing on 18th Aug. 2018. We sincerely invite our global fans to join this celebration by making videos to say Happy Birthday/ Anniversary and whatever else you want to say to ASCH community! Or, if you are too shy to express yourself with taped video, you can also make animated videos! We will combine all selected pieces together, and play it in the party!

    All selected videos will get a reward of 10–30 XAS randomly.
    We will have a vote after the party and the top 3 videos will get rewards of 166 XAS, 122 XAS, and 100 XAS respectively.

    1. Please send your video no later than 16th Aug.
    2. Submit your videos by any of the following methods:
    1. You can speak in your home language, but please provide English translation in the email
    2. More people shown in the video would be more fun!
    3. You and ASCH logo, at least one must show up in the video!

    Have fun! We cannot wait to see your videos!

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