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    [Bitcoin/General] Time goes even faster, the crypto market is changing rapidly: September news review

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    ICOTelegraph presents the key events of the past month which (for sure) will change the cryptocurrency market in the future.

    [Market] Record of the month: the biggest daily decline

    On September 6, the cryptocurrency market lost at about $40 billion of market capitalization. This is an «outstanding» result over the past 3 years: money left the crypto space in less than 24 hours. Perhaps this is also one of the key points of the bear market. As for Bitcoin, the currency started from a fairly stable point at the level of $7,000 and finished this month with 6% down to $6,600.

    [Media] Fake of the month: Goldman Sachs suspends "crypto trading desk" plans

    In August, the community once again made sure that popular media often provide not only irrelevant opinions but also supposedly play a shady game. For example, the opinions presented by the CNBC can be used with 95% accuracy as reverse forecasts. In general, so far this trend has not gone away.

    A long time ago the plans to build a crypto trading desk have been revealed by Goldman Sachs, and this caused a rather positive response, a little lower than Bakkt "huge news" by the importance level. The news was played out in the same chain with the arrival of institutional money and the attention of major players to cryptocurrency, but it seems that someone wanted to turn the wheel.

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