Weekly Report (22nd Sep - 28th Sep)

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    Weekly Report in different languages:
    Haftalık Rapor
    Еженедельный отчет

    Technical Updates
    ASCH Mainnet

    • Started the design and planning of ETH cross chain
    • Completed the test of BCH cross-chain Gas and buying back XAS
    • Completed the test of the related functions based on bancor protocol
    • Completed the development of gateway node incentive mechanism and anti-attack mechanism
    • Completed the integration of smart contract billing module and the overall debugging
    • Completed smart contract rollback and synchronization status check with the main chain

    Blockchain Explorer

    • Improved search function and query conditions
    • Added delegate and digital-asset templates, and detail pages
    • Fixed the issue of back-end data and released the official version of blockchain explorer

    Official Website

    • Iterated wallet interface and optimized the download interface of mobile wallet(Android/iOS)
    • Optimized the access interface of web wallet and USB wallet, and the introduction information

    Mobile Wallet

    • Fixed all test issues for the iOS wallet
    • Launched iOS wallet and submitted to the App Store for review
    • Completed the cross-chain record interface and display of Android wallet
    • Completed the asset module management of Android wallet


    • Support for third-party DApp development
    • Support for third-party development issues

    Marketing and Operations Updates

    • On September 28th, 2018 5:30 PM — 8:30 PM (GMT-7), James Kuai, the Co-Founder and COO of ASCH, delivered a speech under the theme of “Learn about DApp Development with ASCH” in the Blockchain Meetup hosted by Starfish Mission. Starfish Mission is the first Bay Area Blockchain community in the San Francisco that integrates blockchain learning, community activities, and shared office, committing to building a community center that promotes the development, education, and collaboration of the blockchain industry. It is the first appearance of ASCH in Silicon Valley, USA, and this greatly enhanced the influence of ASCH in global communities.

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    • ASCH and Shujinsuo, a blockchain investment bank service provider, have reached a strategic cooperation agreement. The two parties will conduct all-round cooperation in the areas of blockchain technology research and development, application, market development, token economy, investment and financing. The collaboration of ASCH and Shujinsuo will push forward the progress of practical financial blockchain applications.
    • This week, the Linkbit and ASCH have reached a strategic cooperation agreement. The two parties will conduct all-round cooperation in brand building, product promotion, community operation, and blockchain technology R&D. Linkbit wallet has a professional blockchain technology development team to build a professional platform with blockchain digital asset wallet, application distribution as the leading function, and other practical functions such as airdrop management.
    • The English Telegram group will hold a two-weeks long Quiz Challenge starting on October 1st. How much do you know about ASCH? Come and try it! Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday is the Quiz Challenge Day. The admin will ask three questions randomly in the group. The first three who answer the questions correctly will enter the lottery pool. A total of 300XAS will be issued for this event. For specific rules, please refer to: Https://medium.com/aschplatform/quiz-day-challenge-how-much-do-you-know-about-asch-e59ec560fad2

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