How do you choose new altcoins for investment?

  • Hey, guys. Here I stumbled on interesting arguments , how to choose a new coin to invest among a crazy amount of shitcoins. Especially I liked this thought: “Pay close attention to a project team. If a team comprise too many managers, advisors, and marketers it could mean those founders are primarily concerned about the image of a project. Don't get fooled by these decorations. In a decent blockchain project, the main role is played by developers”. Obviously, someone from techies wrote this, the hater of managers and marketers :-) and really useful thought of the size of a hard cap. I realize what the author says - really, why would they raise such huge amounts of money? Here I remember Bancor- $ 150 million, and where is their token now?..

  • Well, I bought some coins here for a couple of ETH.

  • So, what coins you recommend to invest in? i am very interested in that, to be honest. Dapcash seems good in general, though therea re no evidences that Quantum computers threats us right now

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