Weekly Report (Dec 08 — Dec 14)

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    Technical Updates
    ASCH Mainnet

    • Performed the final round of functional testing for v1.5.
    • Fixed the bugs and refactored the front-end code.
    • Added two types of built-in contracts related to the new fee scheme.
    • Developed until to dynamically calculate contract resource consumption for a specific address.

    Smart Contract

    • Completed the adaption of the smart contract engine to Node 10.
    • Completed the development of support-native bigint of the smart contract.
    • Completed the development of timeout control function of the smart contract.
    • Completed the implementation of new charging rules of the smart contract.

    Chrome Extension

    • Completed the encapsulation, testing and demonstration of ASCH in accordance with web3.js structure.
    • Completed AschLink project by 59%.


    • Investigated and handled with the top-up and withdrawal issues of the exchange.
    • Technical support for exchanges and DApp development.
    • Discussed with a bank on the blockchain-based hardware wallet project.
    • Docked with an operator for reforming the project from points to tokens.

    Marketing and Operations Updates

    • This week, ASCH had in-depth communication with MBAEX, one of the largest digital currency exchanges in Southeast Asia, and initially reached a cooperation intention, paving the way for further cooperation.

    • ASCH has been included in the 2019 Commemorative Calendar of Blockchain Enterprises and has been selected into the list of the top ten most influential blockchain enterprises in the “Finding Real Value” event by Yunshi24.com! At present, the voting is still in full swing. Please scan the QR Code in the image below to vote for ASCH.

    • On Dec. 13, 2018, the project-docking meeting for 3rd China Blockchain Technology Innovation and Application Competition co-sponsored by Guiyang National High-tech Zone and Zhongguancun Blockchain Industry Alliance was successfully held. As a member of the council member unit of the Zhongguancun Blockchain Industry Alliance, ASCH will actively promote the ecological construction and development of the blockchain industry.

    • The ASCH overseas developer contributor is preparing to issue a full series of ASCH side-chain development tutorials to help developers learn how to develop DApps based on ASCH more quickly and efficiently. Please stay tuned.

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