Weekly Report (Dec 22 — Dec 28)

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    Technical Updates
    ASCH Mainnet

    • Released and updated ASCH V1.4.7.
    • Testing of the new fee scheme of version 1.5.
    • Completed refactoring transaction records and added smart-contract-invoking records.

    Smart Contract

    • Completed the broadcasting function of big amount transactions.
    • Completed invocation verification of asch-core smart contracts.
    • Completed error message collection function of smart contract compilation.
    • Completed the development and testing of the node network verification in version 1.4.7 and launched it.

    Chrome Extension

    • Completed utils in Asch-web project.
    • Completed product review in Asch-pay project.


    • Technical support for exchanges.
    • Technical support for DApp development.
    • Continued to follow up the operator’s project reformed from points to tokens.
    • Technical coordination with OKEx and docking asch-java project.

    Marketing and Operations Updates

    • On the evening of Dec. 28th, James, ASCH Co-Founder, attended the 2018 BLOCKCHAIN Alumni-Bearish Light event, jointly organized by Node Capital, LinkVC, Beike PR and Nvxia Blockchain. He discussed the market trend, future development of blockchain and sought to cooperation opportunities with many project parties and investment institutions on site.
    • ASCH has resided in the Project Info section in OKEx, to comprehensively display the basic information, project announcements, rating reports of ASCH, etc. In addition, ASCH’s weekly reports will be updated synchronously in the project announcement section, including technical updates and marketing events. Please download and watch here. https://www.okex.com/project/3
    • Heizuan Rating - ASCH:
      The Heizuan Rating currently includes over 400 projects, using an original subversive rating model to form a super-judging panel to make up for the lack of traditional ratings. The rating content is completely output by professional judges, ensuring the authority of the content.

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