Weekly Report (Jan 12— Jan 18)

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    Technical Updates

    • Completed the development of Chrome extension AschPay, two weeks ahead of schedule.
    • The overall progress of Asch v1.5 is slow, which is expected to be delayed for a few days.
    • AschEX is going smoothly and meets expectations.

    Asch v1.5

    • Completed the first round of the front-end testing for v1.5 and it’s about to conduct the second round of integration testing.
    • Completed the implementation of smart contract supporting cryptography-related built-in functions: hash, sign/verify, encrypt/decrypt.
    • Implemented the function of smart contract supporting the use of ArrayBuffer to manipulate the underlying data.
    • Completed the performance optimization design of smart contract status tracking.
    • Completed the optimization of tracking the changes of simple type status, simple type status within the mapping, and custom type status.
    • Completed the first round of integration testing by 80%.


    • Completed the integration of signature components.
    • Completed the acceptance of the first round of test.


    • Completed the implementation of the matching engine by 80%.
    • Completed the adjustment and optimization of the exchange frame.
    • Completed the development scheme design of the K-line diagram.
    • Completed the design of basic data structure related to transactions.

    Marketing and Operations Updates

    • From Jan.12 to 13, 2019, the Global Developers Super Competition — “Building Technology Ecosystem and Embracing the Future” was held by MiiX. William Yin, operations director of ASCH, was invited to attend the event as a judge. Later ASCH will work closely with MiiX in the field of the blockchain technology ecosystem.

    • ASCH won the “2018 Best Employer” award of Huopin.io. William Yin, operations director of ASCH, was invited to attend the dinner party.

    • On Jan.16, 2019, ASCH was invited to attend the annual meeting of Guangdong XSINA Group, and has established a public chain alliance with STC, SWTC, NULS, MAI and SPG . In the future, alliance members will explore in depth the possible cooperation opportunities in cross-chain technology and commercial aspects.

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