ASCH Weekly Report 项目周报(3.9-3.15)

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    Technical Updates

    • The overall progress of Asch v1.5 was smooth.

    Asch v1.5

    • Completed the testing of 60 unit test cases on the smart contract platform.
    • Fixed bugs in the testing process, and completed the iteration of version 0.3.
    • Completed the reconstruction of CCTime project based on smart contract platform (100%).

    AschWeb 0.2

    • Completed AschWeb 0.2 documentation collation and published to NPM.
    • Completed AschPay 1.0.
    • Added note function for transfers.
    • Optimized contract invoke popup display.
    • Completed ASCH smart contract and DApp interactive use examples and documents.

    AschEx 1.0

    • Completed the development of front-end components for the home page, order placing and trading history of the exchange.
    • Completed the application of tradingview and completed the integration of the front-end function of K-line graph.

    Marketing and Operations Updates

    • On March 12, 2019, ASCH was invited to China blockchain + entity enterprise internal seminar. The seminar discussed the development history and technical characteristics of blockchain, and reached the consensus that blockchain has a broad application prospect in the Chinese market. ASCH’s Operations Director Mr. Yin expressed the hope that ASCH and enterprises can explore together for application scenario and ASCH is committed to providing enterprises with more tailored services.

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    • Details of the ASCH 101 delegate rules have been discussed within ASCH Team, and will be published to the community around this weekend for a week of feedback gathering.

    Be part of ASCH:

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    Weekly Report in other languages:


    • Asch v1.5整体进展顺利;

    ASCH V1.5

    • 完成智能合约平台60个单元测试用例的测试;
    • 修复测试过程中的bug,并且完成0.3版本的迭代;
    • 完成cctime项目基于智能合约平台的重构(100%);

    AschWeb 0.2

    • 完成智能合约平台60个单元测试用例的测试;
    • 修复测试过程中的bug,并且完成0.3版本的迭代;
    • 完成cctime项目基于智能合约平台的重构(100%);

    AschEX 1.0

    • 完成交易所首页、下单、交易历史的前端组件开发工作;
    • 完成tradingview的申请,并完成K线图前端功能的集成。


    • 2019年3月12日,阿希链受邀参加区块链+中国实体企业落地内部研讨会,会议从区块链的发展历史和技术特点展开讨论,就区块链技术在中国市场具有广阔的应用前景和落地价值形成了共识,阿希链运营总监殷旭洲表示希望将阿希链区块链底层技术研发和上层各大企业的应用场景的拓展同步探索,创新服务模式,尤其是在赋能实体经济方面做更多挖掘和努力工作。
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    • 阿希社区101受托人制度细节团队内部现已讨论完成,将于本周五前,公布至社区,进行为期一周的意见收集反馈。


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