ASCH Weekly Report 项目周报(4.20-4.26)

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    Еженедельный отчет
    Báo Cáo Tuần

    Technical Updates

    • The overall progress of Asch v1.5 was smooth.

    Asch v1.5

    • Completed voting function data migration algorithm implementation.
    • Completed voting data migration test.
    • Updated query interface, support smart contract ‘pay by developer’ function.
    • Completed v1.5 consensus code after review.
    • Completed deployment/test of v1.5 consensus code after review.
    • Completed the adjustment of the interface for smart contract transfer.
    • Fixed the issue of p2p node generating local ID.
    • P2p node algorithm is optimized to allow occasional timeout.
    • Completed adjustment and test of big trades broadcast algorithm.
    • Adjusted smart contract Context interface, and added block, lastBlock, sender.
    • Adjusted Gas calculating rules.
    • Fixed block rollback smart contract VM unreleased issue.
    • Upgraded v1.5.0‑beta.3, updated document, and published to testnet.

    AschWeb 0.2

    • Completed asch-pay and asch-web interface upgrading, and released testing version.


    • Completed 90% of the front-end development of the super delegate page
    • Completed the product design of super delegate campaign page

    Marketing and Operations Updates

    • In the evening of April 28, the “MiiX· ASCH Hackathon — Hangzhou station” came to a successful end. There are 25 online and offline development teams in the competition, and the top three winners of the offline competition are: a decentralized buyer show DAPP based on ASCH and IPFS, an unmanned driving system, and an AI+TwinGAN+ ASCH blockchain monster hunt game. The online result will be announced later.
    • 100BTC club announces to compete for ASCH super delegate. 100BTC club is headquartered in Shenzhen China, and each member of the club holds more than 100 BTC. The club hopes to contribute to the development of ASCH in terms of capital and marketing.

    Be part of ASCH:

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    • Asch v1.5整体进展顺利;

    ASCH V1.5

    • 完成一票一投功能数据迁移算法实现
    • 完成一票一投涉及的数据迁移测试
    • 更新查询接口,支持智能合约‘由开发者代付’功能
    • 完成修改review后的1.5共识代码
    • 完成部署/测试review后的1.5共识代码
    • 修复最后剩余带宽和能量等于实际使用带宽和能量时,能量和带宽无法使用的问题
    • 完成向智能合约转账接口调整
    • 修复p2p节点生成本地Id问题
    • 优化p2p节点检查算法,允许偶发超时现象存在
    • 完成大交易广播算法调整及测试
    • 调整智能合约Context接口,增加block、lastBlock、sender
    • 调整Gas计费规则,存储交易和返回值都计入Gas计费
    • 修复区块回滚智能合约VM未释放问题
    • 完成v1.5.0‑beta.3版本升级,同步更新文档,并发布到测试网

    AschPay 0.2

    • 完成asch‑pay及asch‑web对应接口升级和文档更新,发布新测试版


    • 完成超级节点页面的前端开发90%
    • 完成超级节点竞选页面的产品设计


    • 4月28日傍晚,由阿希链、CSDN、密码极客、星空财经、Bee360、Blockdao、金色财经联合发起的“MiiX·阿希全球区块链黑客马拉松大赛·杭州站”圆满落幕!比赛共有线上+线下25支专业赛队,线下比赛决胜前三名分别是:第一名基于阿希链和IPFS的去中心化买家秀DAPP;第二名基于阿希链的无人驾驶系统;第三名一款AI+TwinGAN+阿希区块链的捉妖游戏。目前线上也进入决赛阶段。
    • 100BTC俱乐部宣布竞选ASCH超级节点,100BTC俱乐部总部位于深圳,俱乐部成员每人持有100BTC,希望希望在区块链资本、市场等方面为阿希贡献一份力量,推进阿希链生态建设与发展。


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