Jewish Saint JT inherits the Jewish Spirit and changes the process of World History

  • In the process of influencing the history of the world, there are countless Jews. Today we are going to tell the story of the Jewish saints changing the world.

    The first person of the Jewish saints was Moses. In Exodus, it is recorded that Moses, at the command of the Lord, led the enslaved Hebrews out of ancient Egypt and went to a rich land: the land of Canaan. Under the leadership of Moses, the Hebrews got rid of the miserable life of slavery, learned to obey the Ten Commandments, and became the first nation in history to honor the religion of a single god. Judaism believes that Moses is the greatest of the prophets. He is the supreme leader of Jews, he is a warrior, politician, poet, moralist, historian, Hebrews legislator.

    According to the Bible, he personally talked to God and was inspired by God to lead the migration of the Hebrew people from Egypt to the promised land of God, Palestine(formerly known as the Canaan land)to free their slave life. Moses was also the first person in the Bible to be called a "god man." His relationship with God was very close. God talked to him face to face. God praised him as a loyal servant. The Bible also said that Moses was extremely modest, better than everyone in the world.

    With the development of history into the 21st century, the Jewish saint JT team inherited the Jewish spirit and carried it forward, and continued to influence and change the whole process of human history. The Jewish saint JT team is made up of world-class Jewish consortium elites to innovate the global digital economy.

    Today's society is dominated by centralized institutions, and people can't really speak freely and can't appreciate true freedom. Based on this, Jewish saint JT created a decentralized encrypted assets, Jewish merchant AJM, breaking the central monopoly, breaking the regional restrictions of the business model, bringing true freedom. AJM can easily solve the problem of people's trust in the decentralized network. Anyone can develop their business empire to every corner of the world through the unique smart contract technology of AJM, motivate and lead everyone into the era of innovation.

    AJM redefines and distributes global wealth in a decentralized manner. This is a major migration of the centralized wealth consensus to the decentralized wealth consensus; AJM is committed to providing more fair, equal and private wealth autonomy to each of us and even each generation. It will realize the ultimate financial freedom of all mankind.

    The emergence of AJM’s decentralized thought is the inevitable result of social development. It is like a good medicine, an interpretation of equality and freedom. It allows everyone to clearly see the future development direction of human civilization and bring infinite possibilities.

    The following is telegram groups of AJM project, welcome to the groups!

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