The backward old rules, which affect the development of the world economy, need to be changed urgently

  • There is a saying in China that makes sense: "When Heaven is about to place a great responsibility on a great man, it always first frustrates his spirit and will, exhausts his muscles and bones, exposes him to starvation and poverty." This is true for a man, as well as for a nation and a country. After disciplining, he will be appointed to take on a big responsibility.
    In the long history of the Jewish nation, its national development has undergone many destructive twists and turns. But today, the Jewish nation is recognized as the most intelligent, richest and most accomplished nation in the world.
    According to relevant data, the Jewish population in the world is less than 20 million, but its IQ is 20 to 30 higher than that of other human beings. In the 20th century, the Jewish Nobel laureates accounted for 20% of the total, Marx, Freud and Einstein's thought has become the mainstream and source of human thought in the 20th century. Scientists, philosophers, revolutionaries, writers, entrepreneurs, etc. have emerged in endlessly, making an indelible contribution to the progress of human civilization.
    The phrase "American wealth is in the Jewish pocket, and the Jewish wealth is in his own head" is a full affirmation and high praise of the Jewish nation. How can a nation with a population of only 0.3% of the world's population and suffering a great disaster have such a huge positive impact on the development of human society?

    Ethnic discrimination and oppression have inspired the instinct of the Jewish survival in slits.
    In ancient times, middle Ages, modern and contemporary times, there has been a major historical turning point in the history of the Jewish nation. Especially in the Middle Ages, anti-Semitism in Europe has intensified, and Jews are forbidden to serve in government departments or to engage in agriculture. In modern and contemporary times, 6 million Jewish people were massacred and the intensification of contradictions with Arab Arabs have caused the nearly 900,000 Jews who originally lived in the Arab countries to fall into serious predicament.
    The backward old rules affected the development of the world economy, and the Jewish saint JT broke out of the encirclement
    Under the grim situation, the Jews began to understand that it was necessary to break the old system and struggle with the old forces to survive and develop in the social slit. Therefore, Jews always like to engage in high IQ business and financial industry activities, and gradually accumulated rich and valuable experience in various fields, and constantly accumulated a huge amount of material wealth that is impressive. The Jewish saint JT, a world-class Jewish consortium elite, constantly promoting the development of the world economy.

    The future digital economy is an important opportunity for various countries to seek sustainable development
    With the development of the global economy, the digital economy has become a new bright spot. The digital economy is a new form of economic and social development after the agricultural economy and industrial economy. It is easier to realize the scale and scope economy, and has become a new kinetic energy of global economic development.
    Jewish saint JT, innovating the global digital economy
    Jewish saint JT launched Jewish merchant Ajm based on blockchain 4.0 technology. With the purpose of cross-chain asset transfer, safe and stable transactions, protection of privacy, and resolution of financial pain points, the design of a financial sector was based on technological innovation and rich application scenarios, a unicorn in the financial world can be built to realize the global cross-border settlement ecosystem.
    Jewish saint JT's global digital economy is a powerful pusher to drive the development of emerging industries, the transformation of traditional industries, and promote employment and economic growth. It directly affects the future trend and pattern of the global economy.
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