New concept of digital wallet: TarK wallet escorts security of your digital asset

  • The rapid development of the blockchain industry and the rapid leap of the token economy complement each other. The development of the industry has stimulated the demand for new digital asset storage methods, which has given birth to digital wallets.

    What is a wallet? As the name implies, a wallet is a tool for storing and using a token asset, and the definition itself is clear and simple. However, a series of coin stolen incidents in the past tell us that for digital wallets, security requirements are always at the top of the list.

    In the past decade, the development of the certification industry has experienced three waves, and the security issue has become the top concern.

    The first wave was from 2008 to 2013, and the token still stayed in a very small circle of geek. Most of the participants were foreign technology geeks and very few domestic communities, they gathered together because geeks were optimistic about the future of digital assets and the power of exploration. At that time, the application of the entire field was basically blank, but the technology was developing at a high speed.

    What followed was the dormancy period from 2013 to 2016. The iconic event was that traditional Internet giants gradually focused on the development of digital assets and tried to accept Bitcoin payments. In the same period, the earliest blockchain companies appeared in China. The first wave of entrepreneurship in the token market began.

    Since 2016, industry innovations have emerged, and rapid growth has also accompanied with more problems. In the past four years, nearly four times the number of security incidents occurred every year. In the first half of 2018, nearly $1 billionof assets worldwide were stolen by hackers.

    Based on the current development of the industry, TarK wallet came into being.
    TarK Wallet is positioning to provide users with one-stop digital asset management tools and services to protect users' digital assets!

    As a new wallet based on blockchain 4.0 technology, TarK wallet combines the advantages of various wallets and makes up for their shortcomings, bringing the development of digital wallets to a new level. The advantages of the TarK wallet are concentrated in two super features and six advantages.

    Anonymity and security are two of the top features of the Tark Digital Wallet. The so-called anonymity, all transactions in the Tark wallet are open, which determines that it must protect the privacy of the trader, and no one can easily access to trader's information. Based on Blockchain 4.0 technology, Tark Wallet is a truly decentralized product whose nature determines that no one can easily access the user's data.

    In terms of security,Tark Wallet created the world's first dual-form cold wallet security protection model. It introduced the top technology innovation and multi-person collaborative management function of Silicon Valley in the United States, which greatly reduces the safety factor of the risk of the user's token asset and escorts the user's token assets!
    In addition,When the wallet is idle, the network will automatically open the never-on-network mode. It builds transactions and signatures at the cold end, and broadcasts transactions at the hot end, creating a strong protection shield for the token assets, completely eradicating the network hacking and resisting the asset risks caused by various reasons.
    Compared with the traditional token asset wallet, Tark wallet strictly controlled the payment and withdrawal operation, and the two password security management mechanisms of seed password + payment password prevent theft of assets and fraudulent use, cryptographic storage, never touch the network, secure verification and delete after you use.

    Six advantages include supporting for multi-currency, second-speed, multi-account systems, offline signing, multiple verification, and open third-party ecosystems. In addition, eight functions which are import function, mnemonic words backup function, multi-currency storage function, on-chain matching transaction function, secure transaction function, game lobby function, online live broadcast function and on-chain query function are gathered together, Tark wallet can meet all your needs with one click, it is an indispensable security guard for your asset protection!

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