Jewish Saint JT gathers talents together, with Efficient deployment of AJM, to liberate the financial freedom of all mankind

  • How do Jews achieve that the value of 1+1 is greater than 3?
    Many years ago, in the Auschwitz concentration camp, a Jew said to his son that now our only wealth is wisdom. When others say that one plus one equals two, you should think that it equals more than three. The Nazis poisoned hundreds of thousands of people in Auschwitz, but the father and son survived.
    In 1946, they came to the United States to run bronze business in Houston. One day, the father asked his son what the price of a pound of copper was? The son answered: it is 35 cents. The father said: "Yes, the entire state of Texas knows that the price of copper is 35 cents a pound, but as the son of the Jews, it should be $3.5. You try to make a pound of copper into a doorknob. "

    Twenty years later, the father died and his son ran a bronze shop alone. He ran bronze drums, made reeds on swiss clocks, and made medals for the Olympics. He once sold a pound of copper for $3500 when he was chairman of MacCall. What really made him famous, however, was a pile of garbage from New York.
    In 1974, the U. S. government invited extensive tenders to clean up the waste left behind for the renovation of the Statue of Liberty. But after several months, no one responded to the bidding. After seeing the copper pieces, screws and wood piled up like the mountain under the Statue of Liberty, he did not mention any conditions and immediately signed.
    Many transportation companies in New York secretly laughed at his stupid move. Because in New York State, there are strict regulations on garbage disposal, and it will be prosecuted by environmental organizations if it is not dealt well. Just as some people wanted to look at joke of the Jews, he began to organize workers to sort out the waste. He made people melt the scrap copper and cast it into a little Statue of Liberty; he processed the cement block and wood into a pedestal; and made the waste lead and scrap aluminum the key to the New York Square. Finally, he even packaged the ash that was swept away from the Statue of Liberty and sold it to the flower shop. In less than three months, he turned the pile of waste into $3.5 million in cash, and the price of copper has risen 10,000 times per pound.

    The Jewish saint JT gathers talents together and is unstoppable
    Jews are not born to be smarter than people of any other race, but they know how to cast the priceless gold of wisdom. The Jewish saint JT team brings together the best Jewish consortium elites from around the world to inherit the wisdom of the Jewish nation for more than 2,000 years. On the occasion of the tenth anniversary of Bitcoin, the AJM project based on the fourth-generation blockchain technology was launched, which is technically leading the world. We have witnessed the myth that Bitcoin has created a "one day in the coin circle, one year in the world", and AJM has been constantly upgrading on the basis of bitcoin, to complete the historical mission that the bitcoin has not completed, and to realize the ultimate financial freedom of all mankind!
    Jewish merchant AJM opens a new wealth game rule
    The Jewish saint JT team realized the ecological construction of the entire network by building AJM cryptographic assets and established a global distributed digital bank. Its three characteristics are: conducting“Resonance Trading” with Bitcoin, realizing the mutual value of AJM and BTC; constructing a credit wealth mechanism, promoting the Jewish spirit through trusted stamp fission; building a global AJM master node and share the dividends of "digital bank"!

    AJM is a preacher who liberates the financial freedom of all mankind
    The Jewish merchant AJM fully reflects Jewish wisdom and is a project worthy of the common participation of all mankind. AJM redefines and distributes global wealth in a decentralized manner. This is a major migration of the centralized wealth consensus to the decentralized wealth consensus. AJM is committed to providing each of us and even each generation with more fair, equal and private wealth autonomy, which will realize the ultimate financial freedom of all mankind. Everyone has the right to gain the financial freedom. We hope to join hands with more cryptographic asset enthusiasts to build a free, rich and civilized garden of Eden.
    We're here, where are you?
    The following is telegram groups of AJM project, welcome to the groups!

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